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is my website template based or unique?

The website we design is customized and 100% unique.

will my website have its own identity?

Yes, your website will be customized to your requirement and the brief that you have filled out. You will be the pioneer of your website.

if i have my own website idea, how will you help?

We always appreciate all sort of input from you. Our designers will take your concepts and design it accordingly.

can i change my existing website?

Definitely! We can take your existing website and revamp it according to the latest trends.

what is the process of ordering?

To place an order with us you simply need to fill out a short form with your details. Provide us your payment specifics and carry on with an electronic payment. Your order will be placed immediately with us. A representative will be in touch with you soon after.

when will you start working on my website?

We start working on your project as soon as you provide us with your initial brief. We need to make sure we have all your requirements to start with the researching.

who will be in touch with me after placing the order?

Our project manager will schedule a call with your assigned designer and coordinate with your account manager to constantly stay in touch with you.

how will the designer understand what i want?

Our designers our industrial experts, they will be in touch with you and guide you along the way until we have finalized your project.

how many website samples will i receive?

The samples depend on the package you select, minimum samples you receive are 5.

what is the procedure of revisions?

Any changes that you would like to have made on the draft designs will be incorporated as part of the revision. Until and unless you are satisfied with the designs you can revise the website concepts based on your purchased package

when will i get my final website?

Once your project is complete we will hand you over the website source file meaning all final file formats.

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